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7 September
(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom
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/try to follow me/
I'm Lydia.
Your average but amazing 18 year old college student from England.

I like to think that I'm one of the cool kids, but I'm a nerd of the highest degree. I get excited by science & politics.

Infact I fancy science so much I took Physics, Chemistry & Biology for A-Level...
I’m still one of the cool kids though. ;D

I am fascinated by different cultures& languages. More specifically, I have an inexplicable love&interest in East Asia.

It just...consumes my life o_o It’s all good though. ;D I may be a Japan/Korea/Sino-phile, but I’m not going to go all obsessive & ‘weeaboo’ on your ass.
...Just thought I’d make that distinction clear before you make any assumptions.

My ipod is one of my vital oragns.
abingdon boys school & 2NE1 make my world go round.
柴崎 浩 ♥ Shibasaki Hiroshi. Is GOD. .__.
& CL is my idol. ->

...Oh, & I have no particular Jaejoong bias.
So add, comment, message..stalk my facebook. Whatever.
I’m a very nice person, I’m sure I won’t mind :33

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